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A 30% deposit is due at the time of making the booking. We will endeavor to notify guests if payment fails however bookings are not guaranteed If payments are unsuccessful

The deposit paid at the time of booking is non refundable
The balance payment is due 7 days prior to the arrival date & will automatically be charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking unless advised otherwise.

A security deposit may be payable at the same time the balance payment is due. This normally is $400, however may be more during certain dates - if the deposit is greater than $400 guests will be advised. The security deposit is fully refundable pending inspection of the apartment after departure. 
Cancellations made 7 days from the arrival date (or less) will forfeit the full amount of the booking.
Cancellations are not permitted during the Christmas & New years Eve Period
Cancellations are not permitted during Mardi Gras Period
Cancellations are not permitted during Easter Period
Early departures or later arrivals are non refundable


  1. All outstanding amounts are to be paid 7 days prior to arrival.

  2. Any alterations and/or extensions to bookings are subject to availability. We guarantee that if a property is unacceptable due to misrepresentation, cleanliness, or any other factor, which clearly would prejudice normal occupation, immediately upon arrival, a full refund will be made of all money paid, without any further liability. Any occupation of the property will constitute an establishment of the booking, and cancellation terms will apply. If a property becomes non-inhabitable for any reason beyond the occupants control, the agent at his or her discretion, may substitute other equivalent accommodation. Maximum liability in any and all cases is only to refund all monies and deposits held in excess of day of departure. Apartment Hotel Management requires a copy of the credit card used to pay for the accommodation as well as corresponding photo identification.  Failure to provide these may result in cancellation of the booking. Photo ID is to be provided either via email to the Manager directly, or in person during business hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

  3. The apartments are not owned by AH. We are required by the apartment owners to obtain secured credit card details for each booking and a deposit, as part of our standard booking terms.

  4. Each apartment under the law is regulated to certain standards of occupation. Once the occupant is in breach of any of these regulations, we are required immediately cancel the booking. Cancellation under such circumstances, will not allow refunds of any deposit or payments. Some of these regulations include:
    a. Maximum number of occupancy of two (2) people per bedroom.
    b. If any unsuitable, disruptive or rowdy behaviour in the accommodation, on the balconies, in public and common areas causes damage and/or disturbances to other residents or neighbouring properties, you will be given immediate notice to quit the booking and leave the property immediately, forfeiting all deposits and, plus the full costs of repair and/or replacement of all such damage and repair.
    c. No pets of any kind are allowed in the accommodation.

  5. Visiting occupants are not permitted in the apartments or common areas between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

  6. *We have a strict no party policy*
    Breach of this condition will result in immediate cancellation of the booking without refund

  7. We accept normal wear and tear on the accommodation, if however, there are damages due to, but not limited to, (or excess cleaning required), cigarette burns and marks, cigarette odours, damage and stains to soft furnishings, broken crockery and glass, damage due to careless or misuse of any equipment, or fittings, forced entry by occupants etc, we reserve the right to deduct the costs of these from any deposits held, or charge credit card accounts and to receive, from the occupant, further damages should this be necessary. Any notable damage must be reported to Management at the time of check in. 

  8. We are not responsible for lost keys or lockouts. We are available during normal office hours, but do not guarantee availability at any other time to replace lost keys. A call out fee of $150 applies to all call outs outside of our business hours, including weekends and public holidays.

  9. We do not insure occupants personal belongings, also our own losses due to occupants leaving open windows, doors, etc. may be recovered from the occupant responsible. We do not take responsibility for any loss or damage to occupant’s belongings in the event of a break in, theft, fire, or any other such incidence.

  10. Parking is strictly limited to the space/s allocated. A remote control will be provided for access to the garage parking area. Loss of this remote will be recovered from the security deposit or credit card provided at a cost of $65 each.

  11. Occupants are responsible for taking their own bagged waste to the proper receptacle in the block, throughout their stay.

  12. Check in from 15:00 hrs (3:00 pm) Check in is by appointment only.

  13. Check out before 10:00 hrs (10:00 am) Unless otherwise agreed.





Apartment Hotel is an online platform that connects hosts who have accommodation to rent (‘Host/s’) with guests seeking to rent accommodation (‘Guest/s’). Hosts may create listings for accommodation on the Apartment Hotel website and Guests may learn about and book accommodation directly with Hosts. Apartment Hotel has no control over the conduct of Hosts, Guests or any other uses of any accommodation listed on the Apartment Hotel website or any other users of the Apartment Hotel website. Apartment Hotel does not ensure that the accommodation listed on the Apartment Hotel website has the approval necessary (from Council or otherwise) for the legal use of that accommodation listed.

Accordingly, Apartment Hotel:

  1. Is not a party to any agreement to provide accommodation. Any agreement to provide accommodation is between the Hosts and the Guests.

  2. Does not warrant, guarantee or take any responsibility for the conduct of Hosts, Guests or any other users of accommodation or any other users of the Apartment Hotel website.

  3. Does not warrant, guarantee or take any responsibility whatsoever for the legality or otherwise of the use of any accommodation listed on the Apartment Hotel website.

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